SlashNext Announces Multi-Vector Phishing Protection Solutions For Mobile Devices And Endpoint Web Browsers

New Solutions Protect Mobile and Endpoint Users from Phishing Threats, Regardless of Attack Vector, both Inside and Outside Network Perimeter Protections

PLEASANTON, CA –  January 23, 2020 –  SlashNext, a leading provider of real-time anti-phishing and incident response solutions, today announced two new products designed to protect enterprise mobile and endpoint users from increasingly dangerous phishing and social engineering threats. These solutions protect users from the growing variety of phishing threats occurring across multiple attack vectors, including email, SMS/text, social media, messaging apps, ads, pop-ups, and more.

With enterprise mobility requirements and remote workers becoming more commonplace, mobile and remote workers are increasingly operating outside of network security protections. This makes users, and their employers, more vulnerable to a growing variety of sophisticated phishing threats. Mobile devices also lack the breadth of safe browsing protections available on standard desktop browsers due to device resource constraints. Further complicating matters is the fact that even cyber-savvy users can struggle to identify phishing attacks on mobile as smaller screen layouts hide important clues such as full URLs, senders’ details, and more.

“Securing mobile and remote users from the expanding array of targeted phishing attacks is a huge challenge for enterprise security teams,” said Atif Mushtaq, CEO and founder, SlashNext. “Phishing used to be an email only problem addressed by email gateways and cyber education. Now, organizations need to protect users from more evasive phishing threats in email as well as from additional unprotected attack vectors and payloads, especially when users are outside network perimeter defenses. By providing a new kind of multi-vector, multi-payload phishing protection solution, we help organizations reduce their phishing risk exposure, and thus their risk of data theft, cyber extortion, and costly breaches.”

The new products being announced today are SlashNext Mobile Phishing Protection and SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection. Both are comprised of lightweight, cloud-powered endpoint agents continuously updated with real-time phishing threat intelligence from SlashNext’s patented SEER™ threat detection technology.


With SlashNext Mobile Phishing Protection, enterprise security teams can protect iOS and Android device users with more effective multi-vector, multi-payload phishing protection. A lightweight agent blocks live phishing sites, regardless of where users get the link, and offers a helpful warning page and safe preview of the site for education purposes. It also blocks and alerts users to incoming SMS phishing (SMiShing) messages, an increasingly popular attack vector on mobile. Security administrators get visibility with real-time incident reporting.

SlashNext Mobile Phishing Protection is designed to address the many special challenges presented by mobile phishing in both managed device and BYOD environments. It is a lightweight agent featuring negligible impact on device performance, battery consumption, and data usage. No network traffic or personally identifiable information leaves the device, so PII and user privacy remain secure. It is easily deployed and managed via integrations with leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platforms and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions. For customers without a UEM, the solutions can also be deployed via the SlashNext Endpoint Management System.


With SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection, enterprise security teams can provide endpoint users with  more effective multi-vector, multi-payload phishing protection. Deployed as lightweight browser extensions for all popular desktop browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Edge), these extensions block live phishing sites, regardless of where users get the link. Users get helpful warning pages and a safe preview of the site for education purposes. Security administrators get visibility with real-time incident reporting.

SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection is an important expansion of the Safe Browsing capabilities included with all major desktop browsers. Built-in Safe Browsing protections do not keep pace with thousands of newly emerging zero-hour phishing threats and new phishing payload types. By contrast, SlashNext browser extensions are powered by real-time threat intelligence from the SlashNext SEER technology cloud, providing preemptive detection and protection from a broader range of phishing threats, especially newly emerging zero-hour threats.

SlashNext even helps protects endpoint users from accessing rogue browser extension, which are often promoted through ads on legitimate websites. These rogue browser extensions often work as advertised while secretly also functioning as keyloggers, screen scrapers, and 2FA interceptors for threat actors. As these extensions typically involve only JavasScript and HTML and execute entirely in browser memory, they evade detection by most anti-virus technologies.

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SlashNext helps organizations close the gaps in their existing defenses against today’s—and tomorrow’s—more advanced phishing and social engineering threats. SlashNext provides IT security teams with a range of real-time anti-phishing and phishing incident response solutions to protect users, both inside and outside network perimeter protections. SlashNext solutions are powered by SlashNext patented, award-winning SEER™ threat detection technology. SlashNext is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is backed by top-tier venture capital firms. For more information, please visit:

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