Press Release SlashNext Cybersecurity Excellence 2018 Awards

SlashNext’s Internet Access Protection System a Leader in Preventing Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 22, 2018 – SlashNext, provider of fourth-generation Internet security solutions, has been selected as the Silver Badge winner for Social Media Security and a Finalist in Network Security for the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. An emerging leader in the cyber security space, SlashNext is the industry’s first security solution that uses the power of cognitive computing to detect advanced cyberattacks in the same way that humans do, except without human limits and without human errors.

Social engineering and phishing attacks are the fastest growing security threat for organizations today, and SlashNext’s Internet Access Protection System (IAPS) aims to stop these attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities by deceiving victims into taking actions that will breach their company and their connected client’s networks. SlashNext’s solution goes beyond the previous generations of network-based, signature-based and sandbox-based technologies by deploying human-like intelligence and cognitive thinking to stop Internet attacks that target unsuspecting employees as their entry points.

“We are very honored to be recognized by the Cyber Security Excellence Awards as a leading solution for social media security,” said Atif Mushtaq, CEO, SlashNext. “Since our product’s launch in November 2017, SlashNext has identified many instances of zero-day social engineering and phishing, exploits and malware attacks that had gone undetected by the customers’ existing firewalls, sandbox, data-exfiltration prevention tools and next gen anti-virus software. Our team has worked tirelessly to provide an effective yet easy way to deploy solutions to meet these challenges facing organizations and their users.”

The 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. With over 400 entries in more than 70 categories, the 2018 awards are highly competitive and all winners and finalists reflect the very best in today’s cybersecurity industry.

About SlashNext

SlashNext has reinvented Internet threat prevention systems with a new approach to protecting users and systems every time they connect to the Internet. The SlashNext Internet Access Protection System is a cloud powered solution that leverages cognitive computing, a process that mimics how the human brain senses, reasons and responds to stimulus, to process and detect complex and interlinked Internet access attacks including social engineering and phishing, malware, exploits and callbacks.

SlashNext CEO AtifMushtaq founded the company after serving nine years as a senior scientist for FireEye, where he was a leading architect of the company’s core malware detection system based on signatures and sandbox based technologies. Atif has been at the forefront in the fight against cybercrimes and has worked with law enforcement and other global organizations to take down some of the world’s biggest cybercrime networks. In 2012, his efforts took down one of the largest email spam networks operating out of Russia, causing the worldwide spam level to drop by 50% in a single day.

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