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SlashNext Integrated Cloud Messaging Security

Cloud Email Security

Modern cloud email security stops the sophisticated email attacks like BEC, credential stealing, ransomware, and malware threats to reduce the risk of a data breach.

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Mobile Security

Stop smishing and business text compromise with zero-hour phishing protection against the broadest range of phishing threats in any mobile application. Available for business, personal BYOD, and home use..


Powerful AI machine learning APIs designed to protect the brand and reputation of corporate, internet, messaging, hosting and all other cloud services from advance phishing threats worldwide.

SlashNext Complete

Integrated cloud security platform for email, mobile, and web to stop spear phishing, BEC, smishing, scams, malware and exploits in Microsoft 365, Zoom, Box, SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other messaging channels.

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The Most Efficient Ways to Identify and
Respond to Threats, while Maximizing Profitability

Dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with researching suspicious URLs.

Protect users from zero-hour threats with 99.07% accuracy.

Preemptive detection and real-time protection from live phishing and social engineering threats, regardless of the attack vector or payload used.

Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and IT infrastructure via integrations with leading UEM, TIP, SIEM, SOAR, and network security technologies.

Protects users regardless of phishing attack vector or device, inside and outside the perimeter

Technology Partners

Microsoft partners with SlashNext

Watch this demo to see how to automate phishing detection and remediation to detect and remove suspicious phishing messages from multiple MS365 mailboxes. Learn more.

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