SlashNext Phishing Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

A simple way to see what is evading your current email defenses. The secure assessment is easy to run with Google workspace and requires less than 10 minutes of setup time.

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Reveal and analyze phishing threats that evade your current defenses in your Google workspace, weblogs, or both. Completing the complimentary secure assessment is quick and easy:

  • No hardware or software to install. Access SlashNext’s Secure Cloud Manager to begin the assessment
  • Available for Google workspace
  • Receive a personalized risk assessment report
  • Meet with a security expert to review the results 
  • Easily deploy protection to target users

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Phishing Assessment and Remediation

Real-World Threats Getting Through Current Defenses

Phishing attacks found in recent vulnerability assessments.

Spear Phishing Vendor Email Compromise

Target: Vice President

  • User is fooled and bad actor continues the dialogue with the user, specifically requests O365 credentials
  • Lure page mimicking Microsoft login
  • Link hosted on legitimate infrastructure bypassing email gateway solutions
  • Attack only sent to the Vice President
  • Used email address of real employee from vendor

Spear Phishing Credential Stealing

Target: Director

  • The phishing link was tailored for the user, and the credentials would have auto-filled into a fake Microsoft account
  • Sent from legitimate ISP 

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