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SlashNext’s advanced AI platform is purpose-built to anticipate and stop the vast numbers of sophisticated BEC threats, phishing, and ransomware. The service delivers industry-leading 99.9% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positive rate by utilizing Gen AI, natural language parallel prediction, computer vision, relationship graphs, and contextual analysis for:

  • Broad threat coverage due to large and diverse LLMs 
  • Highest accuracy and a 48-hour detection advantage to stop sophisticated zero-hour threats 
  • Increased SecOps and user productivity by using a solution with the highest detections and the lowest false positive rates
  • 360° protection with threat protection across all messaging channels: email,  mobile and web

The Challenge

Reduced phishing risk across the organization

The Solution


SlashNext identified credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate link compromise, social engineering scams, and malware in real-time with fast 99.9% detection rates and a one in 1 million false positive rate. 

The Result

Highest accuracy and a 48 hour detection advantage to stop sophisticated zero-hour threats.

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To successfully predict and protect users from phishing attacks, you must start with visibility and from day one SlashNext delivered.

SlashNext for Microsoft 365 Stops the Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Attacks

SlashNext HumanAI stops email threats that compromise users and lead to data breaches.


Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

SlashNext helps Microsoft 365  customers protect themselves from the growing number of advanced phishing attacks occurring today and tomorrow.

Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

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