Over 55% More BEC Threats Stopped Through SEG Supplement and Generative AI

C&S Companies

The C&S Companies is a 54-year-old engineering and construction firm with 600 employees across the United States. The firm serves government, airports, higher education, healthcare, industrial, private development, and other clients with infrastructure planning, design, and construction projects.

They realized that BEC, spear-phishing, and malicious attachment attacks were increasingly bypassing their Mimecast Secure Email Gateway (SEG). They could see that their current security stack was not keeping up with email phishing attacks. Also, phishing email threats were escalating rapidly, and C-level employees were frequently targeted. Other communication channels, like mobile and collaboration apps, had little to no protection; they were also experiencing attacks. Threat actors were starting to penetrate their Teams app, with new zero-day attacks occurring every day.

C&S implemented SlashNext Generative AI-powered email, mobile, and browser protection to supplement Mimecast SEG and protect against sophisticated targeted threats like credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate link ­ compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware, and malware.

SlashNext Email+ Security uncovered thousands of malicious links from email, mobile text messages, Teams, Facebook feeds, and other channels. In four weeks after deployment, SlashNext caught 55% more multi-stage BEC attacks, with 30% directly targeting C-level employees, including Executive impersonation, payroll diversion, and invoice fraud.

The Challenge

Mimecast SEG failed to stop sophisticated BEC, spear phishing, and malicious attachment attacks; mobile and collaboration apps like Teams had little to no protection

The Solution

SlashNext multi-channel Email+ supplements Mimecast SEG to close security gaps; generative AI security protects against spear phishing, BEC, smishing, social engineering attacks, others

The Result

Caught 55% more multi-stage BEC attacks with 30% of those targeting C-Level employees; uncovered thousands of malicious links from email, mobile, messages, Teams, Facebook, and other channels

Engineering Firm Closes Messaging Security Gaps Outside Email

Eric Quinn, CIO at C&S Companies, a national planning, design and construction firm talks about zero-hour threats, spear phishing, and multichannel phishing attacks getting through to users.

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SlashNext and its machine learning is staying ahead of the game. It protects against links even beyond email, and provides the most serious layers of defense.
Eric Quinn, CIO, C&S Companies

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Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

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