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Access the SlashNext Community Edition Multiple Ways

Incident response teams and security professionals can access the free API in multiple ways, including:

  • Linux and Python SDK: The IR console is a custom Linux shell with an interactive GUI and easy for user to execute all of IR workflows with a text based UI. The Command Line Utilities enable users to automate IR workflows and  write new playbook wit Linux scripting techniques.
  • SOAR & SIEM Integrations: Easy integration with popular SOAR and SIEM platforms like Cortex XSOAR, Splunk, Splunk Phantom, Tines and LogRythm to support your IR workflows.

Using Linux and Python SDK

Phishing IR Console for Linux

The IR console is a custom linux shell purpose built for Phishing IR. With an interactive GUI it makes it extremely easy for user to execute all of IR worlks flows with a text based UI.



Phishing RPM Package for Linux Command Line Utilities

This RPM package allow you to install all SlashNext IR commands as the system commands. This allow users to automate IR work flows and write new playbook through standard Linux scripting techniques.


Phishing Python SDK

SlashNext Phishing Python SDK provides you the ability to easily develop your own app and integrations.

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Using SOAR or SIEM

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