Take the Anti-Phishing MS365 Email Challenge

In 8 hours we’ll stop an executive-level phishing attack or we'll donate $1,000 to your favorite charity!

SlashNext’s Email Protection for Microsoft 365 takes only five minutes to get you protected using the Microsoft Graph API. Once you’re set up, you’ll stop 65% more threats than all other cloud-native email security services. We provide real-time phishing scanning, detection, and removal of threats before they reach users. Spear phishing from trusted domains can slip past security controls because reputation, URL rewriting and trust graphs are not able to detect phishing from trusted sites.


We are so confident in this solution that we are offering you $1000. If you set up SlashNext and we don’t catch any phish targeting one of your executives within 8 hours*, we’ll donate $1,000 to your favorite charity!


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