Boost Network Controls

Turn existing network security controls into a real-time defense against phishing threats.

The Challenge

Today’s phishing and social engineering attacks are more lethal, short-lived, and employ more evasion tactics than ever. Most phishing URLs are active for just minutes to hours, and more advanced threats use multiple evasion TTPs. These include multi-stage attacks, advanced URL obfuscation, dynamic redirects, compromised websites, and attack vectors in addition to email. 


Domain filtration engines built into network controls such as firewalls, web proxies, and DNS servers are good at stopping malware and exploits. However, they typically lack real-time threat intelligence on live phishing threats, providing the perfect opportunity for threat actors to penetrate network defenses using malware-free attacks.

Most available threat feeds are not purpose-built for use as real-time phishing blocklists in network controls. Limitations with available threat feeds / blocklists include:

  • Focused only on malware sites, exploits, and fake login page
  • Arrive outdated (yesterday’s threats)
  • Slow refresh rates (hourly or longer)
  • Too many false positives, unsuitable for blocking
  • Collected mostly from emails, not other attack vectors
  • Lack of pre-built integrations to speed operationalization

The SlashNext Solution

SlashNext solves these challenges with Agentless Phishing Defense. Delivered as machine-readable, block-ready, real-time phishing threat feeds accessible via Threat Intelligence Platforms and DNS RPZ, SlashNext enables security teams to turn network controls into a real-time, multi-vector phishing defense.


Superior Phishing Protection

Raise your level of phishing protection to match your malware protection.


Reduce Risk and Cost

Lower risks and costs associated with account takeover, IP theft, and breaches.

With Agentless Phishing Defense You Get:

Real-Time Intelligence

Fast, automated deployment via integrations with leading TIPs, DNS Servers, and NGFWs.

Multi-Payload Protection

Protection against all major phishing payloads, not just fake login pages.

Automated Controls

Fast, automated deployment via integrations with leading TIPs, DNS, SIEMs, and NGFWs.

Patented Technology

The threat detection benefits of SlashNext’ highly-accurate, exclusive and patented SEER™ technology.

Useful Notifications

User warning pages, admin reporting and alerts with threat details.

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