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New FishXProxy Phishing Kit Lowers Barriers for Cybercriminals

Imagine receiving an email that looks perfectly legitimate, down to the last detail. This is the deceptive power of new FishXProxy Phishing Kit, a new phishing toolkit emerging from the cybercrime underground. With its array of advanced features, FishXProxy dismantles the technical barriers traditionally associated with phishing campaigns, making it alarmingly simple for attackers to […]

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10 Ways URL Analysis & Enrichment Can Help Ease Your SOC’s Challenges in 2020

On-demand phishing URL analysis solutions can help ease your SOC teams’ pain and challenges.

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Exploring The Malicious Usage of QR Codes

Discover the history, types, and threats of QR codes, including quishing and QRLJacking. Learn why QR phishing is effective and how it exploits user trust, convenience, and bypasses security filters. Understanding QR Codes: A B…


Exploring the World of AI Jailbreaks

Explore AI jailbreaking and discover how users are pushing ethical boundaries to fully exploit the capabilities of AI chatbots. This blog post examines the strategies employed to jailbreak AI systems and the role of AI in cyber…

How Cybercriminals Abuse Airbnb For Fraudulent Activities

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated. One particular concern is the rising misuse of popular platforms like Airbnb. This blog post highlights how cybercriminals exploit Airbnb for fraudulent activitie…

CISOs Increasingly Concerned About Mobile Threats

A new warning from Verizon about the rise of smishing, spam text messages and text scams and the FBI reporting $10.3 billion in internet fraud last year, CISOs are increasingly concerned about mobile threats targeting employees…

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