SlashNext Email Detection and Response

Leverage SlashNext’s patented SEERTM AI to securely detect and remove attacks that easily evade relationship graphs, URL rewriting and sandbox email security technologies.

Powerful, Simple, Secure, Fast ROI

Detect and remove targeted spear phishing, social engineering, rogueware, scams, bank fraud and data exploit threats that easily evade Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email security defenses.


Unparalleled, 99.99% zero-hour  detection and one in 1 million false positive rate provides confidence in remediation.


Instant detection of spear phishing and other threats. Respond immediately by a user, group, or company-wide to any threat identified.


Data is never stored on disk to ensure zero loss of PII. Only customers have keys and authentication, utilizing Microsoft OAuth or Gmail API.

Fast ROI

Dramatically reduce the time for security teams to identify and remove threats of three to five minutes per incident, to seconds. ROI is achieved in weeks.

Spear Phishing is Missed Up To 65% of the Time

Spear phishing from trusted sites can slip past security controls because reputation, URL rewriting and trust graphs are not able to detect phishing from trusted sites.  

SEG/IESS/CESS Solutions Flowchart

A detailed look at how SEG/IESS/CESS solutions miss spear phishing emails.

Five Minutes to Instant Detection and Response

Review threats, high risk users and forensics

Select all or specific emails for instant deletion

Award-Winning, Patented SEER AI

Detection and respond to spear-phishing, and other threats launched from trusted sites that easily evade email security defenses.

SEER™ Al Detection Engine

Take the /Next Phish Challenge

We are so confident your current security tools are missing the most dangerous threats, we’ll prove it. Take the challenge by running a free vulnerability assessment, completing a free trial, or simply scanning a suspicious URL in the /Next phish scanner.

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