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The phishing landscape has changed.1.0 phishing detection is not designed to protect users from today's 2.0 AI phishing attacks exploiting users through mobile, email, and web.

The Phishing Threat Landscape Has Changed

Phishing used to be comprised of easy-to-spot phishing emails attempting to trick users with fake log-in pages or scams. But the phishing landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years.


Today’s threat actors are using new attack vectors across mobile, email, and web to deliver a greater variety of phishing payloads. And they’re using multiple evasion tactics and speed to bypass multi-layer defenses.


Block More Phishing Threats

SlashNext was founded to protect users from the broader phishing threat landscape. While email security systems help block most—but not all—phishing emails, SlashNext solutions help close the gaps and extend protection to less well-defended attack vectors and to additional social engineering payloads, dramatically reducing the risk of breach and costly IR.

Protection Across Mobile, Email, and Web

SlashNext’s solutions protect users both inside and outside network perimeter protections, regardless of device, and can turn network controls into an effective anti-phishing defense.

Broader Threat

Preemptive detection and real-time protection from live phishing and social engineering threats, regardless of the attack vector or payload used.

No Signatures,
No Static Rules

Slashnext solutions are powered by patented SEER™ technology, which uses virtual browsers to analyze suspicicous sites with behavioral analysis and machine learning.

False Positives

SlashNext technology overcomes evasion tactics and accurately detects and protects users from zero-hour threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods.


Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and IT infrastructure via integrations with leading UEM, TIP, SIEM, SOAR, and network security technologies.

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