UI/UX Engineer

Company / Product Overview

SlashNext has pioneered an entirely new approach to phishing site detection. Over four years in development, SlashNext employs a purpose-built, highly scalable detection cloud designed to dynamically inspect suspect sites and phishing schemes. This system utilizes the patent-pending SEER™ (Session Emulation and Environmental Reconnaissance) architecture which leverages virtual browsers, natural language and protocol processing engines, image inspection, and behavioral analysis to dynamically inspect sites in real time, in an out-of-band, purpose-built threat detection cloud.


The SlashNext detection cloud provides definitive, real-time phishing site analysis and detection. Previously unknown, zero-hour phishing sites can be detected in seconds—with near zero false positives. The key output of the SlashNext platform is a definitive, dynamic block list which can be automatically fed into a customer’s existing URL filtration / blocking infrastructure (typically DNS and firewalls) for real-time phishing protection. Additional dynamic block list receptors are in early release for all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) and native mobile platforms (IOS, Android). Security administrators are provided with a variety of reporting tools including real time notification of malicious site access by users, as well as outbound communication by installed malware and rogue browser extensions.

Job Description

Industry: Information Technology

Functional Area: Front End Development

Minimum Experience: 10 years


  • Conceptualize, design and develop user interface designs in a fast-paced online/mobile environment. Consumer applications as well as enterprise platforms.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders within a multi-disciplinary team to gather design requirements and translate those requirements into high-quality visual solutions.
  • Understand UI/UX best practices and drive improvements in designs and methodology.
  • Design and develop user interface components and assets.
  • Realize product concepts into visually compelling application designs.
  • Create models that form the theoretical foundation for great solutions: workflow diagrams, flowcharts, storyboards, personas and other models.
  • Establish a high-level vision for the solution.
  • Collaborate closely with business stakeholders, product owners and development leads.
  • Create low-fi sketches and wireframes to establish the rough direction.
  • Create low-fi designs, precise, hi-fidelity mock-ups and interactive prototypes for phased user testing.
  • Write thorough UI design specifications and style guides.
  • Support developers through the development phase.
  • Design and documentation of user interfaces from detailed business requirements for application development, intranet and extranet sites.
  • Establish usability and graphic design elements within applications.
  • Liaise and work closely with developers on project delivery and web design and with the latest technology .

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Expertise on Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Impressive & Dynamic GUI Design
  • HTML & CSS Coding

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Self-driven
  • Motivated
  • Keen Learner
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Player
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