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Protect Your Employees from Malicious Phishing Sites

With Definitive Real-Time Phishing Protection

Close the Phishing Gap

With a Whole New Level of Protection from Sophisticated Zero-Hour Phishing Attacks

How it Works

SlashNext monitors employee Internet traffic with an appliance that connects to a SPAN port. The SlashNext TSM appliance selects traffic for further analysis and sends anonymized session header and meta info to the SlashNext Threat Detection Cloud for real-time SEER™ analysis (Session Emulation & Environment Reconnaissance).
SlashNext renders suspect sites with virtual browsers in our purpose-built cloud. SEER technology inspects the site like a team of cybersecurity researchers using highly advanced text analysis, visual analysis, and active site interrogation to thoroughly analyze the suspect site.
SEER analysis features are fed into patent-pending progressive machine learning algorithms which deliver a single, definitive verdict: malicious or benign. There’s no threat probability scores and virtually no false positives.
Malicious URLs and domains are instantly added to a dynamic block list for your blocking infrastructure, typically firewalls, web proxies, or DNS. Incident information, including site screen capture, site artifacts, PCAP data, and more are instantly available in the local SlashNext console.

The SlashNext Advantage

More Powerful Phishing Protection

Better phishing site detection means better phishing protection. Other anti-phishing technologies and threat feeds rely primarily on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis – techniques which are easily evaded by sophisticated hackers. SlashNext SEER technology employs live Session Emulation and multiple forms of site analysis, including active site interrogation and progressive machine learning to definitively detect malicious sites in seconds.

Faster Incident Response

SlashNext complements its superior phishing site detection with detailed incident and IR information. The SlashNext management console provides detailed forensics data, including:

  • Full session PCAPs
  • Phishing lure page screen capture
  • Description of the phishing page, including detected intent and behavior
  • Phishing lure page website artifacts, including source code and image files recorded at the moment of live interaction

Detailed threat information is presented in an easy to understand, interactive format that enables rapid event triage and remediation. Screen captures can be used for employee phishing awareness training. Detailed forensics data not only speeds incident response, it makes SlashNext suitable for larger firms as well as those that do not yet have advanced SIEM or threat feed management infrastructure.

What Users are Saying

“SlashNext is the first advanced threat security products that we have bought to actually find issues that our NextGen Firewall, Callback Attacks Prevention tools, and Anti-Virus all missed.”

VP of IT

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